Friday, May 18, 2012

four on the floor...

last week during the cholo walks, i spied two four person type bicycles. how weird. i mean, what are the odds?

yesterday marked our four year wedding anniversary. sometimes it seems like we've been together longer, which in reality we have. we had a great dinner at le pigeon. if you are here and never been, it's a must! 
foie gras monte christo appetizer that was out of this world. seriously, they aren't fucking around with this one. the little bits of rhubarb and french toast with the foie gras...hellooo, more please. then main course selections, SMB had the halibut special. the cream sauce although mushrooms were involved, was delicious. i picked my way past the shiitakes but enjoyed the flavor they added. me, i went with the lobster stuffed chicken. oooh... perfect! for dessert naturally we went for the foie gras profiteroles! basically, it's like a little pastry cut in half with foie gras ice cream inside. plate had carmel and sea salt showers on it. WOW!  a dry riesling accompanied our edible choices. which was equally as good. 
it was a fabulous anniversary dinner. 
then we stopped by our favorite watering hole for cocktails.
then we went home and popped this open..

was that a good idea? probably not, but we didn't miss out on any of the taste. hellooo, honey! 

i was never the type that had to get married, to have the wedding.being married has it's moments, there are always going to be little bumps in the road, taking us to new levels in our relationships. i am a deeply feeling person. sometimes i am so moved by artistic expression (film, theatre, music and art) that i'm brought to tears. however, i am not one to say i love you...rarely, actually do i say it to SMB... but i say things in my own way... 
i am so happy that about eight years ago i showed up at a friends birthday party in west seattle, and reconnected with my slice of new england. sometimes it is true when you aren't looking, expecting, wanting something it shows up. it shows up when you really are ready. 
that night was the best decision i ever made. 

and looking forward to more...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

new recipes and quiche kick fo'sure..

sundays have become the big cooking day at our casa. we make a few things to make meal planning easier during the week. i'm sure a lot of people do this..

i have been trying to break out of the usual, routine items. 
soo whatcha making?
chicken vesuvio. i picked up a cook's illustrated magazine that was dedicated to slow cooker recipes. i mean, they even had one for lasagna.. i mean really, how could i leave that at the check out counter? 

yeah, i didn't cook the vesuvio in the slow cooker. i didn't want to wait that long. as far as first attempts go, it wasn't bad. i feel like it needed to be richer... maybe in the roux.. in the wine flavoring? 

speaking of wine.. last saturday with decent weather, we invited the mf's over for the first barbeque of the season.. we grilled fresh halibut, green beans and they brought a wonderful salad. i haven't really been drinking beer these days and thought i'd load up on some wine options for the evening. i recently tried two new ones with one of my favorite whites..
quinta da aveleda has become one of my favorites. it has very subtle citrus flavors, not too fruity! 
the alianca also a Portuguese wine, was just a good. there is something about these vinho verde wines. they aren't super sweet. they aren't dry. they are perfect. crisp. refreshing! 
paco y lola.. this  is a spanish white. let's be honest though, by the time the unicornist and i got this one opened. i couldn't tell you if we really tasted those bursting peach and green apples crisp and fun flavors. 

tell you what thought, i'll buy'em all again!
            i also used my cuisinart for the first time..
               made a quick avocado dressing if you will for the halibut. 
                  i wanted to keep it simple, avocado, lime, flat parsley
                     and greek yogurt. perfect. 

now sunday.. it's the beginning games for the stanley cup. so our casa is all about the hockey right  now!
since some of these games are on sunday, i'm cooking before and during. so i gotta choose things that don't need to much of my time or attention. quiche!
as ya know i love the quiche.  it's easy to make. it makes breakfast before work super quick and let's be honest the cheap two for one pie crust tastes soo good. 
last weekend, i made two. one of which was a bottom layer of fontina cheese with parsnips on top then kale then the egg mixture and parmesan. 

i also made granola bars.
i used a receipe from ina garten. i added cranberries and cashews. next time i think i'll do sunflowers and maybe some dried mango...
we were quite happy with how they turned up. 

this weekend i am making yes, two more quiches! the ole stand by.. BACON with sharp cheddar... and a veggie sweet potato, carrot, broccoli with a little green pepper on top with cotija cheese. i can't wait.

for something more substantial..i'm also making black beans with corn, peppers and cotija. that will be an extra lunch or dinner salad. 
altough i've been in the house on one of the most beautiful days we've had in a long time, i feel so productive. i'm ready for the week.

and the since the sun is still shining away, i can now go and enjoy it!

if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

other observations..

kicking it up a notch..

i don't make new year resolutions... instead i "practice" new year reflections, new year assessments.
where am i? what am i doing with my life... do i like what i'm doing? where i am? 
and the bigger question, if some of the answers are less favorable, what needs to change? 
a little more focus on me, is what is in order for this new year. 
 so far i've been moderately successful. i'm still doing pilates, twice a week when work doesn't interfere with the morning class times. i even tried my hands (and feet) at jazzercise this past week. although, we were quite achy the next few days, we are all in agreement. we're going back next week!
i've started knitting again. picked out a pattern that i liked regardless of whether it was "too difficult".. i mean, there were abbreviations that i didn't understand but shhhit, i can break it down and get it done! 

      i've been sewing again too! 

agan, the things that make us feel the best are sometimes the things we tend to let slide during the 
                   day to day grind. 
                   that's not what this year is about. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

it's been a while but i started to do some stitching..

i was going to attempt to make some holiday cards. 
it's been a while since i've done that. 

sadly i only have like four actually done.   ... and they don't even take that long to make.  oy vey! 

i missed a few birthdays the past few months as well.

          ho hum.                
someone told me they wanted a card so naturally i started stitching.... 
what else can ya do?

Saturday, October 22, 2011