Friday, May 18, 2012

four on the floor...

last week during the cholo walks, i spied two four person type bicycles. how weird. i mean, what are the odds?

yesterday marked our four year wedding anniversary. sometimes it seems like we've been together longer, which in reality we have. we had a great dinner at le pigeon. if you are here and never been, it's a must! 
foie gras monte christo appetizer that was out of this world. seriously, they aren't fucking around with this one. the little bits of rhubarb and french toast with the foie gras...hellooo, more please. then main course selections, SMB had the halibut special. the cream sauce although mushrooms were involved, was delicious. i picked my way past the shiitakes but enjoyed the flavor they added. me, i went with the lobster stuffed chicken. oooh... perfect! for dessert naturally we went for the foie gras profiteroles! basically, it's like a little pastry cut in half with foie gras ice cream inside. plate had carmel and sea salt showers on it. WOW!  a dry riesling accompanied our edible choices. which was equally as good. 
it was a fabulous anniversary dinner. 
then we stopped by our favorite watering hole for cocktails.
then we went home and popped this open..

was that a good idea? probably not, but we didn't miss out on any of the taste. hellooo, honey! 

i was never the type that had to get married, to have the wedding.being married has it's moments, there are always going to be little bumps in the road, taking us to new levels in our relationships. i am a deeply feeling person. sometimes i am so moved by artistic expression (film, theatre, music and art) that i'm brought to tears. however, i am not one to say i love you...rarely, actually do i say it to SMB... but i say things in my own way... 
i am so happy that about eight years ago i showed up at a friends birthday party in west seattle, and reconnected with my slice of new england. sometimes it is true when you aren't looking, expecting, wanting something it shows up. it shows up when you really are ready. 
that night was the best decision i ever made. 

and looking forward to more...

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